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Ken and Frank still hate eachother

There’s nothing quite like watching a family tear each other apart, especially in front of the public’s eye. The war of words between Frank and Ken Shamrock has been going on for so long now that it feels like one of those legendary highway pile ups where 200 cars smash into each other over the course of several hours. You’d think after the 162nd car you’d be bored of it but when the 163rd slides in it’s just as impossible to look away. With that, here’s the latest salvo from Frank Shamrock:

FiveOuncesOfPain: You just alluded to some of the trust that Ken has burned. When Ken showed up to the arena with that cut there was a lot of speculation as to how he truly sustained the laceration. Do you believe that Ken truly injured himself rolling that morning?

Frank Shamrock: No. I think Ken cut himself.

FiveOuncesOfPain: What would Ken’s potential motive be for allegedly cutting himself?

Frank Shamrock: It goes back to his giant ego and not being smart enough to understand the rest of the business. I think he got upset because Kimbo was making twice as much as he was and I don’t think his ego could take it. I know for a fact that he tried to hold the network up for more money the day before the show and unfortunately his parting words were, “Well, then you never know what will happen because anything can happen.” Then when he showed up with the cut we all thought he juiced himself. You know, he’s not to be trusted.

FiveOuncesOfPain: For Ken to go right to the emergency room and have it stitched up, is that normally how a fighter would handle the situation? Especially with a six-figure pay day at stake?

Frank Shamrock: No. No, a real fighter would have superglued it and put makeup on it and been and would have been out there fighting. Which (is something) I have done and many fighters have done many times.

Frank also calls Ken a crack smoker a few times as well just to drive home how much he doesn’t like him. It’s hard to tell if he’s still just trying to bait his brother into a fight or if he’s serious when he says he’s done trying to set that up. Whatever the case, this is one seriously fucked up family.