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Keith Jardine’s mom will kick your ass

That awkward moment when the mom of the fighter you’re loudly shit-talking shows up and threatens to kick your ass. It allegedly happened to Luke Rockhold’s brother:

Luke Rockhold laid the smack down on the Dean of Mean at Strikeforce’s Las Vegas debut but the Queen of Mean, Keith Jardine’s mom, laid the smack down on a member of Rockholds family. What is believed to be Luke Rockhold’s little brother can be seen in the video below walking by a very angry older lady who yells at him, “I’ll kick your ass!”

Well the older lady is Keith Jardine’s mother and right before this video took place she had to be separated by hotel security from the goofball. Apparently he was extremely intoxicated and yelling in the entrance way, “Keith Jardine sucks!” and mom didn’t like this. She took action and repeatedly enforced her will with hammer fists to the back of the head and back.

Or this could be some random people. I’m sure there are several dozen brawls between grannies and douchebags on the strip every day. But it’s a fun story, isn’t it?

(via MiddleEasy)