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Keith Jardine is back, unfortunately

I was really looking forward to seeing Mike Kyle vs Gegard Mousasi on Saturday’s Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley card. Either Mousasi was going to wreck Kyle in awesome fashion, or Strikeforce was going to have to give a guy who shouldn’t even be allowed to fight in the sport a title shot. People have generally let slide the fact that Mike Kyle is a peice of shit up until this point, but a go at the belt / new ownership might have finally led to someone bringing up Kyle’s history of biting / gouging / maiming.

But instead Kyle broke his hand and is now out. In his place: Keith Jardine. Yes, the wonky, boring Keith Jardine who finally finished his first opponent in four years last month. Aside from leg kicks and his ‘unorthodox’ (aka stupid) striking, he doesn’t have a lot else going for him. Well, other than enough name recognition and Zuffa goodwill to land him this gig.

Don’t think I’m pissing on the overall matchup. I just hate Keith Jardine. As a last second replacement for a fight that has title implications, it’s a pretty damn good booking. One that reeks of the UFC ‘having a say’ in the usually less impressive business as usual that’d go on in situations like this. But it took a consistantly awful 2-5 stretch in the UFC to finally get rid of the Dean of Mean. Now we’re gonna have to put up with him in Strikeforce again, and they never seem to fire anyone…