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Keith Jardine in a hole

I’m just doing a little research (while drinking, if it makes it any more believable) in preparation for tonight’s UFC 110 preview podcast, and I found this interesting quote from Keith Jardine regarding some of the odd jobs he’s had over the course of his life:

“I’ve been a personal trainer, a wild land firefighter, a football coach, a miner, and – for two months to help out a buddy – a bounty hunter,” he said.

“I like to experience different things in life, and if you look at all those jobs, one thing they have in common is they all entail hard work. I take a pride in being a hard worker.

“People ask me what is more dangerous or scary, being a UFC fighter or a bounty-hunter – but the scariest job I’ve ever done is mining.

“That was a very dangerous experience. It wasn’t an operational mine, but it was climbing up and down ladders that go straight down the shaft a couple of thousand feet and the ladders were all old and breaking – that was easily the most dangerous job I ever had.

“You would climb on to the ladder and hope the next few minutes went well … “

Jardine better hope he does well this weekend against Ryan Bader or he might find himself back to working mine shafts. His record is currently looking more checkered than Crocop’s tights.

Ah, who am I kidding. Jardine would get snapped up by Strikeforce … they’re pretty desperate for light heavyweights and I hear they need to keep feeding Mousasi for another year and a half. This is of course assuming Keith doesn’t go to Japan and finally embrace his ‘Techno Viking’ moniker. And assuming he loses to Bader on Saturday. Which I think is surprisingly likely.