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Kawajiri has his way with Yokota

There’s never been a more apt nickname for a fighter than Tatsuya Kawajiri’s Crusher moniker. The guy is just oppressive on the ground, keeping his opponents down and working them over. He did just that with Kazunori Yokota, who spent nearly the entire fight on the ground squirming between being mounted and having Kawajiri on his back.

I’d say this fight would have been more entertaining if I wasn’t starting to go a little bit bonkers from lack of sleep. The end part is worth checking out though – Kawajiri locks up an armbar that should have finished off Yokota, but Yokota refused to tap and probably did a decent amount of damage to his arm holding out until the final bell. It’s one of those submissions where you’re just waiting for the limb to snap Razak Al-Hassan style. Kawajiri takes this one – victory via decision.