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Karo won’t be cornering Manny

(above: Happier days at Team Hayastan – Karo and Gokor second and third from the right)

As the title implies, Karo Parisyan will not be in Manny Gamburyan’s corner this Saturday at the Ultimate Fighter 5 finale. The reason? Manny’s coach Gokor Chivichyan made Manny choose between him and his Armenian cousin. Gokor is a huge name in judo and was once Karo Parisyan’s trainer as well. The two had a falling out when Karo entered the UFC, presumably over money or who had the right to claim ‘Goofiest name’ rights. Now Manny is stuck in the middle and forced to choose between the two. The result? Manny now has a lot less help from someone with tons of Octagon experience. I don’t bring my swimming coach to a track meet, so I don’t see the logic in Manny’s choice. However, Armenians aren’t exactly Vulcans, so I understand why it happened.