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Karo Parisyan talks about stuff

Fightticker has a pretty good interview up with Karo Parisyan where they talk about Thiago Alves, training, Manny, and why he stopped competing in Judo: Also in the introduction you mention how you were supposed to go to the U.S. Olympic Trials for judo in 2004, but decided to pursue your career currently in the UFC. Would you ever want to try again for the Olympics?

Parisyan: No, not really. I’m pretty sure I could go to nationals and place in fourth or fifth and then work my way up because I haven’t done judo in awhile. But you know, it was whether I chose judo where I basically paid for all my life for tournaments because U.S. Judo sucks. I would have to pay for every tournament , you would have to pay for everything to become something and I don’t know why. So basically I did this all my life and I had to do something that would pay it off one day. So I chose the mixed martial arts because the mixed martial arts would pay off one day. But to do judo in the Olympics, I’d never make any money. I would be doing judo in a country that doesn’t give a shit about judo. If I was in Japan or Europe, if I made something of myself in judo, I could be making money. But here, its baseball, basketball, football because no one gives a crap about judo here.

Another interesting quote from Karo is “My worst enemy has always been that I’ve been too talented to train, and now it’s catching up with me. I gotta start training or those guys will start catching up with me.” Sounds like someone has BJ Penn syndrome. I guess the real question now is if Karo really has the determination to train his ass off and get into proper shape. He’s going down to work with Greg Jackson and the gang, which is good … I dunno if it’s as good as if he’d gone back to work with Gokor Chivichyan (who trains the rest of the UFC’s Armenian posse), but hopefully Karo won’t come in looking like he’s been on a steady diet of donuts and pepsi.