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Karo Parisyan gets himself kicked out of the UFC

I think the tweets from Dana White (via Cage Tater) above are pretty self explanatory. Very little info coming back from Karo, but MMAWeekly has one of those ‘excuses’ Karo gave – the old “It’s the government’s fault” line, with Karo claiming the Nevada State Athletic Commission wouldn’t re-license him until he paid the 32k he owed due to a failed drug test back in January. Not too shabby a reason, Karo. Unfortunately, at the same time Karo was telling this to MMAWeekly, NSAC head Keith Kizer was telling Steve Cofield in detail how they had worked out a very reasonable payment plan for that money.

And here’s Kizer telling Sherdog that Karo’s license is just fine. So what the fuck, Karo? Anxiety issues again, perhaps? Perhaps. But in the video above, Kizer also mentions that in a recent conversation, Karo was awful interested in knowing exactly what kind of pain medication he was allowed to take … not exactly the most confidence inspiring line of questioning from someone who just got off a suspension for having several different kinds of painkillers in his piss.