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Karo Parisyan can’t get it going

Man, if only Karo Parisyan’s training was as good as his smack talking. Check out his thoughts on the Alves loss:

“(Do I) accept the decision that I got [expletive] in my ass with no lube?” Karo asked. “Yeah, I can accept that. Other than that, (have I) accepted the loss? I have no other choice but to accept the loss because of what happened to me.

“But as far as it [being] an early stoppage? Yes, I still think it was an early stoppage. Because Matt Serra punched me, almost took my lights out, and he was still hitting me, and they didn’t stop that fight. Then they stop a fight where I get dropped and rocked and I eat three punches on my shoulder and one to the neck, and they stop the fight. To seal the deal, they should’ve let the guy throw two to three more punches on my face solid before they stopped the fight.”

The loss was especially disappointing to Parisyan because it knocked him out of immediate contention for the welterweight title. Parisyan said he was ill-prepared for the fight and hopes for an opportunity to avenge the loss at some point.

“No disrespect to Thiago or his camp,” Parisyan said. “I have tremendous respect for all of them. But three years ago, if I would have looked at Thiago as an opponent, I would have laughed. ‘Come one, man. Give me some real competition.’ But today with me, just because of lack of training, and a lack of motivation for several reasons in my life, Thiago became a challenge. And unexpectedly, I lost the fight. I still can’t believe it.

“At the same time I will tell Thiago, God willing, eventually I’ll meet you one more day in your career, and it will be disturbing to watch what I do to you.”

Karo better get his shit in check quick, because he says his next fight will be against Yoshiyuki Yoshida.

  • garth says:

    so he’s not training or motivated to fight?


  • garth says:

    he also seems to have the “no disrespect” problem…where he prefaces things with “no disrespect intended” and then says really insulting shit.

  • rofl

    I hope Yoshida owns him.

  • Lifer says:

    haven’t liked karo since his ‘you know who i am bro?!??’ tough guy bullshit to nate diaz. when you start slipping and the ‘no disrespect’ comments and excuses start flowing like water you’ve lost me as a fan.

  • Foojita says:

    the diaz brothers can bring out the worst in everyone.

    seriously though he needs to get his shit straight.

    thiago you better watch out for the decisioning i’m gonna lay on you!!!!

  • that pic looks like he’s being fucked in the ass.

    With all due respect Karo needs to train harder before he can be a contender again. Make is gold diggin family move out and get a fucking job.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    Its funny that his next fight is against Yoshida but he says he’s training for a fight against Fitch. That ship already sailed, bro.

    Something tells me he’s gonna lose again.

  • Captain says:

    God, that fuckin mutt just can’t help but prove what a complete douche he is every time he opens his mouth. I hope gets his ass beat again and booted from the UFC.

  • CaptainAmerica1967 says:

    Loose the gut and train harder and maybe you’ll win a fight.

  • I signed up for fightliner! says:

    RL Dookiefuck, If he hasn’t been training since he heard he had to fight Yoshida I feel sorry for him. You should watch some of his videos he is a fucking animal.

  • Kyle says:

    lol how stupid can some of you be? Karo is one of the most exciting fighters in the UfC and has one of the best resume for his age his been fighting since he was like 15 in MMA who has fuken done that at that age??? Just casue of a quick stoppage in his recent bout doesn’t mean karo is done or dana is going to get rid of the Judo master Digp had back to back loses with boring ass fights Kos/Fitch and his around and you idiots think Dana’s gonna get rid of karo??.. Dana knows karo’s potentials and wouldn’t give him up no fuken way so with that said get your facts straight instead of talking out of your assess.. Bashing a fighter is one think talking out of your assess is another…Stupid haters get off karo’s nuts he says it like it is if you don’t like that don’t fuken read his interviews..

  • Josh says:

    Karo will fight Fitch one day and beat his ass mark my words can’t wait for that fight.

    Dear karo,

    PLEAZZZ shut these critics up for good all bunch of narrow minded tools with their “ducking statements” hugging fitche’s balls

  • Adam says:

    This is gonna be a great fight and great card.

  • I signed up for Fightliner! says:

    Ryan, please bet some other site on this fight. Yoshida is going to maul Karo especially if Karo comes in as the doughboy again.

  • Lifer says:

    i’m not talking about his skills at all… i’m talking about his attitude and personality :)


  • Chuck says:

    Lifer you need to SHUT THE YOUR FUKEN MOUTH lol stupid troll you talk like as of you know him so well and judging his character from a reality show for 5 minutes!!

    “You lost me as a fan” = (( awwwww like karo gives a fuck

    NO fighter is more disrespectful than the punk ass Diaz brothers all acting hardcore and shit in the octagon after an ass whooping from KJ noons!! They started going all Stockton in the octagon and disrespected everyone especially family members and starting a rumble What a couple of pussies and you’re talking about karo’s attitude and talking about respect??? It ain’t even close!! So with all due respect karo should have KICKED THAT MOTHERFUCKER’S ASS ON THE SHOW!!!!

  • Steve says:

    If you think Yoshidas going to “maul” karo whoe’s 1-0 and karo’s 26-5 you need a reality check and when karo beas his ass you’ll be choking on your words =)

  • Judo4Life says:

    If karo parisyan comes in a great shape no one can touch him in his weight class he as so much potentials but lacking training big time.

  • MMAFAN says:

    Good luck karo hopefully this camp will benefit you as much as you’ll benefit them with you beautiful throws

  • Mike says:

    lol Dude stfu you dont even know his family to open your uneducated mouth like that. Why dont you worry about your own trailor and your own family fucknut…….

  • JT says:

    hahah WOW some of you act like karo has raped your mothers leave the guy alone his not even half as bad as kos,serra,HUGHES etc!!!!

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  • G_hoppa says:

    so chuck/steve/judo4life etc is karo’s male lover, good to know.

    Leaving karo’s skills out of this, he has the attitude of a punk little bitch and thiago should drag him by the ear back into the cage and give him a second beating just to shut his mouth.

    If someone just laid a beating on you, and you say that shit, it is hugely disrespectful, and shows you are not in touch with reality.

  • Chuck says:

    captain,captain america,reverend clint, dookiefuck, and G_hoppa more like gay hoppa, karo’s little bitches on a roll..

    1rst of all, “he has the attitude of a punk little bitch”
    That’s nate the punk diaz along with nick the crack head diaz don’t get confused.

    2nd of all, “If someone just laid a beating on you, and you say that shit”

    Karo out strike him in the first round and beat him got caught with the knee in the 2nd and 3 shots on his arm gets stopped early by porn star mazzgaritt when karo can take a punch you call that a real “beating”?? Thiago gave a real beating to Hughes!!

    3rd. His very out spoken and says it like it is!! Sure he might sound aggressive but he ain’t fake and does respect Thiago as a fighter but he felt differently couple of years ago about him and stated his opinion like everyone else!! Learn how to comprehend shit =).

  • Lifer says:

    either you’re schizo or just a complete loser fanboy. i’m gonna assume the latter.

  • big john takes it up the ass says:

    hahaha why put that much effort into defending that fat fuck?that’s just all kinds of creepy chuck or steve or ass fuck whatever you call yourself.

  • koolpaw says:

    “wonderes: where the hell is irvnca? or what does it stand for? Anyways, its DSL. doesnt show the town / city name directly… rats. no fun”

  • Laidback says:

    Karo Good luck man just train hard casue you have all the skills and talent going to be a great fight.

  • Jay says:

    Big john hahah fuck off troll so he looks out of shape..look at chuck his pysically very strong but he also has a beer belly. So stick it in your sorry ass