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Karo is freaking the fuck out

Karo Parisyan used to be one of the biggest badasses in the UFC, a dude who’d judo throw you into another goddamn dimension if you tried to talk to him about something gay like feelings. Now it seems like the pod people have come and replaced him with a pussified version who can’t seem to get rid of his tummy tub and is all about confiding in his personal problems:

After dealing with these symptoms for a few weeks, Parisyan decided to see a doctor. He was surprised by the diagnosis. The doctor told the Armenian judo expert that he was suffering from panic attacks.

According to the American Psychological Association, one out of every 75 people suffers from the disorder and symptoms range from difficulty breathing to fear of dying. The diagnosis was a humbling experience for Parisyan, especially since he gives off a calm and calculated presence inside the Octagon.

“Basically, eight months ago, I was diagnosed with panic attacks,” Parisyan said, admitting that he felt ‘girly’ when the doctor first broke the news. “It’s something I have been trying to deal with. I am trying to keep my head clear.”

The article goes on to say that the attacks were so bad that Karo wasn’t even able to stay in New Mexico to train with Greg Jackson. This is bad news for him since he’s gonna need all the help he can get to defeat Yoshiyuki Yoshida on September 6th. Also sucky: the fact that I doubt you can take anti-anxiety meds and still clear your drug test.