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Karo is back. Sort of…

Hindsight is 20/20, but I’m kinda surprised that we didn’t realize beforehand that maybe Dong Hyun Kim vs Karo Parisyan shouldn’t be put on the main card. It’s not like Karo had a freakout or anything in the cage … but you get the feeling that he very well could of. From an ‘easing in’ point of view, it might have been a better idea to have the fight go on the undercard, where any potential spazzing or crippling ring rust wouldn’t have been witnessed by everyone who bought the card.

As it stands, the fight went smoothly if a bit boring. Dong came out strong in the first but wasn’t able to keep pressing in the second and third. Parisyan came out tentative, peaked halfway through the second, and slowly trailed off gas-wise in the third. He had enough left to tie Dong up against the cage for the majority of the third round, and that’s probably what swung the third judge in his favor, earning him a split decision (which seems to be how a lot of these fights are going, eh?).

Another odd thing from the fight: Karo’s mouthpiece, which seemed like the world’s cheapest, crappiest mouthpiece. It was hanging out his mouth the whole fight and fell out twice … once more and he would have lost a point and the fight. Throughout the fight you could see him chewing at it and trying to breath around it. I was starting to worry that he was going to get through the anxiety issues and rust but then fall victim to a cheap piece of equipment. Fortunately he managed to keep it in through the third round (although it looked kinda close with 2 minutes left).

So what’s next for Karo? When you know about all the crazy shit he’s been going through, the performance wasn’t half bad. Is it enough to keep him up in contendership? Nah. But skill wise, you could see that Karo still had what it took. He was able to snap off a few judo throws and when he let his hands go in the second and third they looked good. He just has to get back to the point where he isn’t afraid to war on his opponents.

As for Dong Hyun Kim, this is the second time he’s dominated in the first round only to lose steam in the second and third. I used to have him on my ‘to watch’ list, but I’m officially taking him off that until he figures his conditioning shit out.