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Karate won’t help you beat Machida

When you think about it, Rashad Evans’ gameplan was pretty dumb. He took a guy that no one has been able to figure out on his feet and tried to strike with him. Since even the insinuation that Machida might be vulnerable on the ground is apparently uber-biased Machida-hating, I will instead take the position that we haven’t seen him on his back enough to know what the score is. Even though taking Lyoto down is obviously tricky, it’s still the smartest course of action for anyone who hopes to up their chances of winning.

Shawn Tompkins has a similar opinion, but adds that first on his To Do list against Machida would be trawling karate schools for training partners. Now I know we’re all on karate’s balls at the moment, but come on now. Even if you went out and poached some top guys from the karate world, you’d spend more time trying to teach them how to be like Machida than anything else.

The toughest guys to beat nowadays are the ones who are hard to prepare for. Randy Couture scoured the earth looking for guys to mimic Brock Lesnar and the best he could do was Josh “Lumpy” Hendricks. The funny thing is that Rashad Evans had Georges St Pierre as his karate expert and that still didn’t help … maybe because they were dicking around on the feet instead of drilling Rashad to take Machida to the mat?