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Kang’s opponent for DREAM.2 is out

Denis Kang returns the ring at DREAM.2 to fight some guy named Gegard Mousasi. I wish I’d known no one knew this, because Kang told us about it three weeks ago when we were filming him training for Fighters Only magazine. We had to have him repeat the name 5 times because you just sound like you’ve got a golf ball in your mouth when you say it. Mousasi. Now I just pronounce it like a combination of the words “Moose” and “Sassy”. Moose Sassy.

For a guy no one seems to know, he does seem to have a decent record … 20-2-1, with wins over guys like Cyborg Santos and our favorite Cuban expatriate Hector Lombard. Mind you, the rest of his resume is littered with European scrubs. So I don’t see Kang losing this fight any time soon.

  • Atom says:

    Most misleading title to a blog post ever

  • tertio says:

    Dude is good. Hes an occasionnal striking coach for Fedor.

  • JapanMMA says:

    Mousasi is very good, MUCH better than his reputation (even though it has improved lately)! This fight is comparable to Aoki vs. JZ in my mind. Two of the best fighters in the tournament meeting in the first round.

  • Kight_j says:

    This is Fedors striking coach. Basically if some one can make the MW class ans strike with Fedor which he does he has a chance agaionst Kang who got KO’d against Akiyama in his last bout is I am not mistaken.

  • Mousasi has dynamite in his hands, but the level of competition he has faced isn’t good compared to Kang. Kang isn’t chinny even though Akiyama flatlined him. It would have been a great matchup, too bad for Mousasi.

  • Jim Brown's Long Lost Son says:

    Dont be a noob FL, Mousasi is a top fighter…

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    The hell w/the fighter’s name, who’s the chick? Daddy likes.

  • kentyman says:

    Maybe she’s “Pousasi”.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Yeah Mousasi’s a top fighter…. in Calgary! He TKO’d Cyborg Santos, who while eminently TKO’able has the craziest staredown in MMA.

  • Atom says:

    The hell w/the fighter’s name, who’s the chick? Daddy likes.

    Ha! I thought you were female. No offense, just never met a male “Joan”

  • godzillad says:

    Goddammit, I thought you meant he was out of the fight.

    Gergard by Ko.

  • penxv says:

    Mousasi is very good. Wouldn’t be surprised if he takes out Kang. It is really an even match-up.

  • pandemicon says:

    how the hell do you write for this site and not know who mousasi is….goddamn…..hes fought in pride a few times
    hes descent…young

  • Fatal Error says:

    Kang could be in trouble if he doesn’t keep his chin covered. Kang should try to get this fight to the ground as soon as possible and stay away from Mousasi’s boomsticks.