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Kampmann says Diego deserved to be called a bitch

While Diego is set to fight Matt Hughes at UFC 135, the only fighting his last opponent Martin Kampmann is able to do right now is on twitter.  That’s because he’s nursing yet another knee injury. It’s the fourth time those damn dirty ligaments have let him down, so you can excuse him if he still sounds a bit crusty when it comes to Sanchez in this interview with

“I respect him, he’s a tough guy, a tough fighter, but I thought he was saying some stupid things on twitter. He was hitting me up on his twitter after the fight. I thought I won the fight and he thought he won it, that’s how it is, but he was hitting me up, being kind of a smartass and that kind of pissed me off so I just replied to his tweets of me. I might have called him a (expletive), I have to go look at it. If I called him a bitch, he probably had it coming.”

Oh, twitter drama. I’ll post stupid gifs all day but I’d rather stab myself through the penis with a syringe than propagate that immature crap. Fortunately for you, I’m the kind of guy who occasionally enjoys a little prick through my prick. Oh yeah … hurts so good:

“that’s a big smile man !!!feels great to get your hand raised!!! My hand my hand you Lil actor hand wasn’t broke #soreloser”, tweeted ’The Dream’ in early April.

“@Skeenito69 honestly I don’t care it just shows @MartinKampmann ‘s Character of a sore loser and a cry baby it’s hard to respect him after (sic)”.

To which Kampmann responded in kind ”@DiegoSanchez505 since you keep bringing it up. I got the better of you, fight me again and stop being a bitch”.

Thems fighting (again) words.

  • lukustra says:

    Kampmann shit on Diego’s chest and would again in a rematch. I hate Hughes but I hope he manages some super old man strenght again or something and fucking chockes Diego out cold.

  • CAP says:

    I loved it when BJ beat the shit out of him.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Diego is a bitch.  Too bad he made Kampmann his bitch by backing him up.  I’d love to see Diego in a rematch tho.