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The most hated man in MMA

The Vancouver Sun (via Bloody Elbow) has a really good article on Kaib Starnes and calls him the most hated man in MMA. At first I thought that statement was wrong but now that i think about it, I think the article is right. If you lined up all the assface MMA guys in front of an average group of fans, Starnes WOULD get the most boos. More than Joe Son and War Machine and combined, probably.

Oh, don’t think that people’s values are that messed up … it’s just that very few people know who Joe Son is (I blame myself … ” target=”_blank”>midget speedo nutshots? Pure gold!) and even less know about that whole Christmas gang bang thing. And Jon Koppenhaver’s douchebaggery was always kinda on the downlow … you have to be a pretty hardcore MMA fan to give a shit about someone as unimportant as him.

It’s pretty fucked up when you think about how hardcore people are about hating Kalib Starnes. We here at Fightlinker never really hate anyone … we just believe in tough love. Tough, salty love. And while Kalib deserved a pretty good amount of that tough love for his legendary performance against Nate Quarry, he’s paid his penance and we’re willing to leave him be until / unless another outbreak of pussyitus occurs.

So what’s new in the life of Kalib Starnes? The last time we talked about him, he was training for a fight in Hawaii. And wouldn’t you know it, the whole situation turned into a debacle, but not because of Starnes this time:

“I was supposed to fight a guy named Kala Hose, then two days before the fight he didn’t show up to the press conference. Then his representatives claimed they thought the fight would be three minute rounds, not five, so they wanted that changed. It was bullshit – nobody fights three minute rounds anywhere that I know of, but I agreed because I wanted the fight. Then they said he hadn’t trained for a week because of the dispute so they wanted more money to show up.”

At the zero hour, another unbeaten local Hawaiian fighter, Dylan Clay, was substituted for Hose. Then he too started asking for more money. And less rounds. And more…

“He finally decided he’d only fight if it was an exhibition fight, so it wouldn’t count against his record if he lost,” says Starnes. “You’ve gotta love that sort of confidence in a fighter, don’t you?”

Then, as Starnes prepared to enter the ring, his opponent was changed once again. It didn’t matter in the end; Starnes dominated the fight throughout and made his opponent submit to an armbar in the second round. At one point, he even picked up his opponent, spun him around a few times for the hell of it, and bodyslammed him to the floor.

“It felt good,” says Starnes. “The crowd was silent for a change.”

You might remember Hose as the guy who beat a gassed out Phil Baroni in Hawaii back in March. As for the dude Starnes ended up fighting instead (not the douche who wanted the fight to be exhibition only), his name was Chris Cisneros.