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Kalib Starnes is planning a comeback

People talk about congenital amputee Kyle Maynard as an inspiration but I’d say you gotta give a certain kind of respect to the excommunicated Kalib Starnes, who refused to walk away from the sport of MMA after the entire scene shunned him.

Starnes is infamously known for his “Running Man” fight at UFC 83 against Nate Quarry. In the bout, Starnes failed to engage Quarry and Quarry ended up mocking the Canadian fighter near the end of the bout. Starnes was unceremoniously released by the UFC following the bout.

Now Kalib Starnes is looking to continue to rebuild his reputation as a fighter. MMAWeekly reports that sources close to the bout state that his opponent will be Bret “The Angry Hick” Bergmark. Bergmark has a 5-1 MMA record and is trained by Cesar Gracie and has had several fights in the Zuffa-owned WEC.

Crazy enough, the above video has Kalib claiming the UFC will welcome him back into the company if he keeps winning fights and they show Dana discussing the possibility of ‘redemption’ for Starnes. I was never really interested in Starnes because he’s just another go-nowhere TUF hangon, but it would be pretty cool if he managed to come back and do something with himself after everyone had decided he was a trick-ass bitch.