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$kala sheds some light, son

If you’re a regular reader of this site and others like it, chances are that you’re a pretty big fan of MMA. That means that you currently have some of the same questions rolling around in your mind that I do; questions like “Will the UFC be able to continue to thrive in a global economy that is getting worse by the day?” and “If Strikeforce becomes successful on CBS and Showtime, what will the American MMA landscape look like a year from now?” But all of these queries and conundrums that currently surround the fight world pale in comparison to the most important of all: What does Jared Shaw think about the relationship between Kimbo Slice’s knockout loss to Seth Petruzelli and the demise of former number two company EliteXC? Ladies and gentleman, our answer has finally come.

Do I think the Kimbo’s loss was the demise of the company like it’s being portrayed? Absolutely, 100 percent, no. What I do think the Kimbo loss did was probably throw away any last ditch efforts of CBS acquiring the company, or having enough money to hang on to get another buyer to come in. But I knew for a while that this company was done.

I stick up for him a lot because we put so much weight on his shoulders because we had to, we needed a face. No, we didn’t expect him to be the world champion. We knew if he fought the kind of fighters that were at that level that his chances of winning were probably slimmer. But you’ve got to throw somebody up there as the best in the world, because you’ve got to put a face on the company. And that’s not to say he can’t become one of the best fighters in the world, cause he’s an athlete, he has talent, but that was the situation we were up against.

Hmm. “You’ve to to throw somebody up there as the best in the world, because you’ve got to put a face on the company.” That makes sense. I also think it would have made sense to put somebody who, you know, actually had the ability to be “the best in the world” as the face of the company. That would have avoided a lot of these problems and criticisms. But that’s just me. What do I know? I’m just an aspiring rapper who happened to get the job of EliteXC VP only after the company was practically forced to give it to me. Oh wait.