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Kaitlin Young makes some money off Gina’s fat ass

I don’t know how much money Gina Carano makes on a fight, but considering Kimbo Slice calls himself “the six figga nigga”, I have to estimate that Gina is also a “five oh ho”. Because there’s five zeros after whatever number she gets paid. Yes? No? I dunno, I’m just trying it out. I think it’s kinda witty.

Anyways, whatever amount Gina made is getting docked 12.5% because she showed up with 4.5 pounds worth of junk in her trunk. This isn’t the first time Gina hasn’t made weight … in fact, it happened way way way back in her LAST fight. And the fight before that. And the fight before that. In total, she’s flubbed making weight 4 times, twice now by nearly 5 pounds. Jordan Breen has a pretty good writeup on her history and why you should give a shit.

But that’s not what I’m gonna talk about … I’m gonna talk about how sweet it is for Kaitlin Young. For math’s sake, let’s estimate on the lower end of the spectrum and figure Gina’s paid 50k / 50k, so she’d be making 100k per win. That means Kaitlin Young just made an extra $12,500 off Gina’s inability to lay off the catering table on the set of American Gladiators. Now again, we don’t know the numbers yet on how much Kaitlin Young is making with EliteXC, but I’m gonna pretty much guarantee that she’s not making 6k / 6k, meaning she just made more than double her base salary on account of Gina.

So while I completely agree that Gina is a lazy sack of shit for missing weight AGAIN, I’m not going to complain too much. If she wants to pay off her opponents with percentage points off her salary so she doesn’t have to train and diet like a professional, that’s her prerogative. I’m sure Kaitlin Young’s bank account is thanking her for it.

  • Joon4s says:

    “That means Kaitlin Young just made an extra $12,5000 off Gina’s inability to lay off the catering table on the set of American Gladiators.”

    One zero too many?

  • Yep! man, i really need to clean all the cheeto crumbs out from under my keyboard, it’s causing all sorts of typos

  • garth says:

    does anyone feel gina gets an unfair advantage with the extra size? or is it all just ass-cheese?

  • Wu Tang says:


  • Alex says:

    Someone made a joke about this the other day, but why isn’t the women’s division open weight? It’s not like they have a depth of talent to use right now

  • crs says:

    If she could only cut to 145, she must walk around at 160-170. Keith Hackney needs to find some broad to train since he is the master of beating fat fucks like Gina.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Shameless self-promotion:

    I put up a couple entries on my blog (Kaitlin Young’s Bargain and Carano’s Bargain) about how great a deal this was for Gina, not because 4.5 pounds is a huge advantage, but because not having to cut weight is, and how confusing this must have been for Kaitlin: using Ryan’s numbers, win and you make $18250, lose and you get $18,500. As the difference in pay goes up (and it’s probably greater than Ryan is suggesting, although New Jersey doesn’t usually release purse info), it becomes easier and easier for Gina to buy herself out of cutting weight and harder and harder for her underpaid opponents both to say no, and to want to win.

    This isn’t to suggest that Kaitlin threw the match – just that under the same circumstances somebody might be tempted to do so, and that there’s a reason she’s probably not that upset about the fight being stopped.

  • ChristPuncher says:

    I do believe she also had problems making weight in several of her kickboxing fights before MMA.

  • koolpaw says:

    And Dont Forget, NEVER forget Ok? DR. Rosi Sexton Ok? is the top of fighter of

    125 ers OK?

    “She missed the weight” ” She didnt make her weight” Ok? its not right.OK? Of course She made her weight to WIN OK?

  • atom says:

    What the hell is koolpaw trying to saw? OK?

    Why can’t Gary Shaw invent another weightclass where ever she needs its to be? Problem solved.

  • Throwback says:

    I was hoping Katlin would’ve ripped off Gina’s top in a fit of rage during there bout. Let the fun bags fly Gina let em fly.

  • Burtonchik says:

    um…that’s (one of) the reasons for the rashguard vs. sports bra