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K1 WGP Finals

If you haven’t seen the K1 WGP and don’t want it spoiled, stop reading now. Still reading? Good. Let’s talk about this shit. All of the fighters coming into this tournament looked pretty damned good in the K1 semi-finals, and although the Finals were pretty entertaining, they lacked the same amount of knockouts and action of the last round. I blame it on the tournament style … you’ve got guys fighting three fights in one night who are trying to pace themselves. Here’s random thoughts from the show.

Techno Giant looked Techno Crappy: Hong Man Choi lost by decision in the first round of the tournament, and looked absolutely terrible. Tentative in the first, sloppy in the second, and gassed in the third. This guy didn’t have the standup to put away Jerome LeBanner … I have no idea how he’s supposed to challenge Fedor on his feet, let alone on the ground.

Badr Hari was robbed: The Badr Hari / Remy Bojansky fight was everything a kickboxing match should be, minus a spectacular headkick knockout. I had to put ice packs on my shins just from watching the shit they were unleashing on eachother. In the end I think Hari got robbed with the decision … he was clearly the aggressor and was putting the hurt on Bojansky throughout the fight.

Peter Aerts got a sweet first fight: I have no idea where the fuck Junichi Sawayashiki came from, but I know where he’s going: the hospital. Aerts practically got a by in the first round fighting this dude. That fight was so one sided it reminded me of Ben Rothwell beating on that fatty. Even Aerts looked embarrassed that he had to knock the kid out twice.

Jerome LeBanner is a tough SOB: After getting KO’d on his feet by Semmy Shilt at the end of round 1 in the semi-finals, Jerome LeBanner was obviously out of it, yet when the bell sounded for round 2 he sucked it up and went back in there. It took his corner throwing in the towel to get him to stop fighting – which was smart by them because everyone was holding their breath waiting for Semmy to kick his head off.

Bojansky was robbed too: Karma strikes again. In the semi-final matchup between Aerts and Bojansky, Aerts was winded and sloppy throughout the fight while Bojansky was comparatively quick and composed. While I gave Aerts points for bulling through the match, I don’t think he won it. It’s funny though … everyone’s so used to fishy Japanese judging that no one seems to give a shit.

Semmy Schilt wins again: Sammy Shilt took the WGP title for a third year running when Aerts’ knee apparently gave out or something. A little bit of a letdown, but considering Aerts’ age I’m just glad he got out of the finals without a scrambled brain.

  • ilostmydog says:

    Bonjasky got robbed against Aerts? What the fuck are you talking about? Aerts easily took the first two rounds based on him actively attacking and scoring while Remy was being passive and covering up for ~5 out of the 6 minutes in them. And when he was being active he was just throwing wild haymakers that were going right into Peter’s guard or missing completely. The only close round was the third, where Remy started off well but faded completely by the end. You could score that a draw or a round for Peter due to him actually fighting for the whole three minutes.

    No controversy there at all. Easy decision for Peter any day of the week.

  • LR says:

    Aerts easily won that battle. It was amazing that fucking Sefo said it was a draw in round one after Aerts blasted him to the canvas in the corner. The robbery of the night was Bonjarsky vs. Hari. Hari should have at least got another round, although his leg was about to give out.

    Defintely an Aerts win over Bonjarsky.

  • LR says:

    Also, Choi is the slowest striker alive. Fedor would absolutely undoubtedly kill him. Jerome lost due to a leg injury, by the way, but he was rocked at the end of round 1. It almost looked as if he was so rocked, he was trying to make himself not look bad by limping around. Jerome is one tough fighter though, always one of my favorites.

  • queero mcgayguy says:

    At the end of the first round you can see Semmy kick him in the knee which was recently operated on, Jerome wasn’t even expected to be in the ring until 2008. He wasn’t limping around because that stupid box-headed fuck kneed him in the face, it’s because his ACL is all fucked up thanks to Vin Diesel (for real, go google it and find out the story). Schilt may have won again but he actually looked beatable, and if LeBanner wasn’t falling apart he would have done it too.