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K1 president transforms into TONGARASHI MEN

While looking for more info about that Fedor / Aoki grappling match that’s supposedly going on tomorrow, I noticed a post on Nightmare of Battle asking people to vote on K1’s site for Max 2008 winner Masato’s next opponent. One of the voting options? K1 founder and president Sadaharu Tanigawa, dressed up as ramen noodle mascot Tongarashimen.

Further investigation resulted in me finding this page, along with two commercials featuring Tanigawa wearing red tights and a luchador mask shaped like a red pepper. It looks like the whole thing is a big sponsor deal of some sort, and there’s going to be a ‘fight’ of some description as part of the tie in. I doubt it would be anything as real as Bob Sapp vs Kinnikuman, but I suppose in Japan you never know.

Anyways, here’s the poll where you can vote for Masato vs Tongarashimen. I encourage you all to vote for とんがらしMEN (the 10th choice from the top with MEN at the end of the Japanese characters) and spread the word to other sites and forums. I think it would be great in a terrible sort of way if K1 went ahead and put that fight together. It’s like Tito vs Dana, except with delicious noodle spice instead of the spice of hatred.