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K1 President: K1 is dead if Bonjasky loses

This weekend is the K1 World Grand Prix, and it includes a 4 man heavyweight title tournament and several ‘superfights.’ One of these is Alistair Overeem versus Remy Bonjansky, and it looks like it could have some serious implications indeed if Overeem wins:

When asked by the Japanese press what point of Remy Bonjasky he should look out for Alistair Overeem answered with a smile that the point to most look out for is his acting. Then he starts wondering what kind of acting Bonjasky will do but stops and says it doesn’t matter if I don’t give him a chance to do any acting.

The interviewer also told Overeem that FEG EP Tanigawa has said that if Bonjasky loses K-1 is over.

Over, huh? That’d be interesting to see since the organization already has 5 more events planned for 2009. Still, it’s interesting to hear that K1’s president is putting enough stock into what happens in this fight that he’d say something like that. While I don’t see Tanigawa following through, you get the feeling that MMA’s routing of K1 over New Years Eve has shaken him up a bit.