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K1 Korea confirms freakshow fight

K1’s Korean site has announced that Mirko Crocop’s New Years opponent will be none other than freakshow favorite Hong Man Choi. Not only that, but the fight will be a kickboxing bout rather than MMA. This fight works out for K1 (who needed a proper spectacle match to drive ratings) and for Mirko (who needed an opponent who would be pretty easy to beat).

Hong Man Choi’s last real win was against Gary Goodridge back in August of 2007. I say ‘real’ because he also beat Mighty Mo according to the judges at a K1 event in Seoul but it was about the biggest pile of shit decision I’ve ever witnessed – hometown bias in full effect. While some people might try to convince you that Choi is a decent kickboxer, don’t bother listening to them. He’s a lumbering beast of a fighter who’s about as fast as a turtle or sloth or insert other very slow animal name here. Or don’t. Just trust me when I say he’s fucking slow as shit and he’s going to lose.