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K1 Grand Prix odds are up

Don’t forget, we’re staying up late late late to catch the K1 World Grand Prix tonight at 3AM EST, and what better way to make things more exciting than to bet hundreds and thousands of dollars you can’t afford to lose on a sport we don’t understand as well as MMA and fighters you know nothing about. Yep, if that sounds appealing then BetUS has those odds up in their sportsbook.

Aerts and Bonjasky are good value at -155 and -170 and if you’re looking for an underdog then Ray Sefo at +175 ain’t too shabby either. Hong Man Choi might be big, but he’s about as agile as one of those giant tree thingies in Lord of the Rings. Wents? Lents? Something like that. Anyways yeah Hong sucks Sefo rocks and catch you all on the late side of Friday night for the live chat!