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K1 cheats to get MMA attendance record

Bragging about getting 45,000 people when only 3000 people paid is like bragging about fucking 90 chicks when 85 of them were prostitutes.

More info from The Fight Network:

The report points out fans could have entered through gates without turnstiles, but the fact remains that only 18,340 were actually counted. Most estimates put the actual crowd at no more than 25,000. The CSAC reported a paid gate of $2,545,590, all but $203,090 of which came from tickets handled directly by FEG. The Japan-based promotion handled 39,083 tickets, raising eyebrows and leading many to speculate that the new attendance record was bought more than it was established.

  • Andrej says:

    Do You think K 1 cares about losing money when they can talk about setting record amount of people watching mma in the USA. I wish pride (the old one) would have come up to Canada or the northern State’s and put on a show like that. I would pay $ 200-300 dollars (Canadian off course) !!!!!!!!!

  • The good news is that this is the kind of thing that’ll push Dana White to do something bigger, just to prove that he can.