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K1 ain’t the only people with problems

Yeah, I like to rip on the K1 show because they seem to be completely clueless. But K1 isn’t the only one having problems with losing headliners. The WEC is this weekend and there is still no word on a replacement for injured WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit, who was fighting Brock Larson. With Urijah Faber fighting inexperienced sacrificial lamb Chance Farrar, this doesn’t leave the WEC card in very good condition. Condit’s injury was announced five days ago, so there’s been ample time to sort this whole thing out. At the moment Condit isn’t listed at all on the WEC’s event card, which is a bad sign.

UPDATE: WEC’s site has been updated with new promo banners and Brock Larson is stuffed somewhere in the middle of the pack against Kevin Knabjian.