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Dynamite: A whole day of MMA and K-1 fun

FEG announced it’s big Dynamite New Years Eve show yesterday, and as usual it’s gonna be a combat sports marathon of epic proportions: 18 MMA and K-1 bouts, including one K-1 fight that might end up being a 10 rounder. Right now FEG is doing it’s standard booking claim that EVERYONE is fighting – they seem to like working their way backwards in Japan. But one guy who has confirmed his participation is Bob Sapp:

But the real excitement will be generated by the return of Bob Sapp, the mixed martial arts legend who has recently been campaigning in his native America. Sapp has revealed he will be fighting “a celebrity” at this year’s show.

The former NFL player will be looking to demonstrate that his recent habit of falling over and crying at the slightest contact was just a phase, and his Japanese fans can no doubt look forward to a masterful demonstration of martial skill and courage.

I like how Fighters Only has the balls to snark out Sapp, who’s massive shittiness and lack of ability is only matched by how retardedly popular he is in Japan. I bet Kimbo Slice slept easy in the TUF house knowing no matter what happens with the UFC, he’ll always have the city of Japan as a backup since they couldn’t care less if he can’t fight.

And for those of us that were hoping for a third place fight in the Super Hulk tournament between Sapp and Hong Man Choi, things don’t look so hot. Although I would like to point out that Choi fits more in the celebrity category than fighter category too. Still, if my crayon drawings of a rap off between ” target=”_blank”>Choi reach the producers of Dynamite in time, perhaps we can still sway them.