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Justin Wilcox vs. David Douglas

Another AKA guy on his way out with Wilcox. Guy had a crazy little fight with Ishida at the 2007 Playboy show. I think the people behind me are laughing at my Terminator 2 wallpaper. They were calibrating flames when I was walking into the arena, and I’m right in front of where they’re gonna be flamin’ it up. A security guy dropped something and I want to laugh at him. I’m kinda glad my credential doesn’t say Fightlinker on it – the durty looks would send me crying. This one security guard looks like Vince McMahon. If that was Dong Huyn Kim I just saw then I’m gonna say he is disproportional to other Welterweights. Wilcox out to “Welcome To The Jungle” and Koschek is also a very large man. These fighters up close are crazy big.

Nate Diaz just walked by me and I’m gonna lose my stuff. That’s almost as cool as when I saw Nick at WEC 41.

Wilcox dropped with a brutal right hand but gets the takedown. Not too much action. Esther is tiptoeing so much she looks like she’s gonna fall in the cage. Mist machine is inexplicably going off to my left. OH MY GOD BAS RUTTEN ON MY RIGHT. Wilcox in mount. Douglas looks gassed. Now they’re against the cage. Wilcox ripped Douglas’s jock strap and I cringe. End of round one.

For anyone who’s a vet at Sherdog: the “I take my pic with GSP” guy is trying to take more pictures where he puts his fist up.

Round 2: Solid trip by Wilcox. Gets mount. I really do smell like the floor from laying on the concrete outside. Maybe that was a bad idea. Boos for full mount. Jeebus. End of round 2.

Place looks about 80% full right now.

Round 3: Wilcox landing kicks and punches; Douglas looks like he’s gonna fall over. Wilcox has hooks but the takedown was booed. Big ground and pound makes the crowd erupt. Douglas has a crimson mask to make Ric Flair jealous. RNC from side control for the tap.

Wilcox by submission at 3:16 of round 3.