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Justin Levens had a bad day

You think you’re having a good morning, when all of a sudden you’re browsing TMZ and find the headline “MMA Fighter and Wife Found Shot to Death” right in your face. Talk about a bummer. It just doesn’t sound like a good day for anyone in the scene, least of all the dudes family. For those of you that figure its not a big deal, consider how people reacted when wrestler Chris Benoit shot his fucking family and then himself; the blowback that the WWE faced was severe indeed.

Personally, I wish they didn’t include what he did for a living in the story. People shoot themselves for all kinds of reasons, and almost no ones gives a shit what their job was. It’s only shocking when it’s high profile people that do it. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still trying to deal with the fact that Phil Hartman’s bitch wife shot him and then herself. Just thinking about it makes me want to go piss on her grave.

I’m not a detective, but according to MMAJunkie, Levens was facing a suspension for using a prescription pain killer, and this probably exacerbate what was, more than likely, a dire financial situation. He was scheduled to fight in the Affliction show, but his suspension prevented this from happening. Pretty easy to figure out what drove him over the edge.

This is now the second fighter coming out of the IFL to blow his brains out. Fighters usually have a bunch of demons, so I’m sure that this kind of tragedy is going to continue to happen, but man, talk about this happening at the wrong time. There’s a lot of buzz in the air about how brutal the Fight for the Troops night was, and now this. Fuck, it makes us all in the MMA scene look like a bunch of burned out psychos.