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Junior Dos Santos picks his TUF coaches

Yesterday we were drooling at the prospect of Junior Dos Santos bringing in the Justice League of Brazil – AKA his superstar teammates from Black House – to help train on TUF. I’d be amazed if the Nogs and other teammates didn’t show up during the season, but it’ll be Junior’s usual coaches doing the heavy lifting this season:

“I’m still choosing my team… Dorea will be the boxing coach, Billy [an American friend] the Muay Thai coach. I’m thinking on someone from jiu-jitsu and perhaps Rodrigo Artilheiro in wreslting, he is very good and speaks Portuguese and English, which will help in the communication.

“I guess the team will be complete in the beginning of the next week.”

Dorea and Billy = Luiz Dorea and Billy Schiebe, great coaches to be sure but not as boner inducing as, say, Anderson Silva. Still, Dorea is the guy who developed Junior Dos Santos’ ability to punch people so hard their nervous systems shut down, so he can’t be that bad of a choice.

  • Reem.Hadouken says:

    All those guys will have fights. Of course they cant take all that time off to do tuf.

  • Sodomize Intolerance says:

    Silva would probably walk in, say “Don’t get hit, bang the mat, win the belt.” and then walk out.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    probably better he uses other trainers. Abomb couldnt ko a child anymore and nog is a child