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Junie’s TUF legacy

Ivan Trembow argues that ‘the Junie situation’ isn’t just bad for this season of TUF, it’s going to result in even worse shenanigans next season:

In Browning’s case, instead of sending a message of that kind of behavior not being tolerated, the exact opposite message has been sent.

“Act like an idiot, do things that could and should get you kicked off the show, and we’ll build an entire season around you and keep you in the UFC instead of kicking you out of TUF and outside of the UFC.”

That’s the message that has been sent to the contestants on the next four seasons of TUF. After letting Browning get away with five different actions that should have gotten him kicked off the show, one can only imagine what the contestants are going to do on future seasons of TUF, and perhaps that was the point of the UFC making the decisions that they made. In fact, it would be naive to think that such a message being sent so blatantly was completely unintentional (“You’re actually a great reality TV star,” White told Browning).

Junie was well served by his retarded actions: he was the star of the show, got to be the official UFC blogger for it, and was picked up by XTreme Couture two weeks into things. All this for a dude who’s head rarely seems in the right place, outside OR inside the cage. Call me part of the problem here, but that’s what gets my goat the most: the fucker wasn’t even the kind of fighting virtuoso you’d expect this kind of behavior from. If he was boxing people up and subbing them with gogos, then maybe I wouldn’t be so miffed about the situation.

As the last line implies, I liked Junie Browning the first time around when he was Nick Diaz. At least Diaz always comes to fight and isn’t a drunk.