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Junie might not get kicked off

Tomorrow night is another episode of The Ultimate Fighter, and because the ratings have already crashed into ‘worst ever’ regions, Spike is trying to drum up some interest by showing footage of psycho contestant Junie Browning going apeshit, shoving people into the pool and jumping into the octagon during a fight.

Anyone with half a brain knows where this is going: while Dana and Spike must pee their pants with glee everytime a fighter Ruediger or Taylors themselves, White puts on his game face the next day and tosses those fuckers out of the house.

But something is most definitely up this season. In the past, dudes who have fucked up or pussied out have been erased from UFC existance. But Junie Browning is still around … in fact, he’s the guy the UFC has picked to blog about TUF on That fact makes me wonder if he’s really gonna get tossed off or not.

Personally I have no idea how Junie is supposed to make it through tomorrow’s episode without being shot out of the house from a cannon. Either there’s some monkey business going on or maybe the UFC blog is a red herring. But the UFC isn’t usually subtle like that so I’m leaning towards Junie somehow staying on the show. How? I have no idea. Guess I’ll have to tune in and watch. The marketing bastards at Spike have tricked me into it.