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Junie Browning talks Shinya Aoki

If you were expecting Junie to talk a lot of trash about smashing Aoki easily, you’re going to be disappointed. He actually lays out a lot of sound reasons on why the Tobikan Judan would have a hard time winning in the UFC:

I watch a lot of fights and people have their opinions. My opinion on Aoki is that I don’t believe that he could hang with most of the UFC lightweights today. I believe that the rules in Dream are so different with no elbows.

He likes to play a lot of spider guard off of his back and rubber guard, stuff like that, and it’s hard to ground and pound someone in the guard that is latched onto you like that with no elbows. It allows for Aoki to use a lot more wrist control and stuff like that. In the UFC, if he tried to do a lot of that wrist control and stuff that he does off of his back, people would just come over the top with elbows to get the wrist release from him.

Plus, I don’t believe that he could take down or pull guard on half of the guys in the UFC. I think a lot of the guys in the UFC would stuff his takedowns and just beat him up standing. Half of the guys in the UFC would just murder him standing. Plus, he could get stacked against the cage and that would hurt him, big time. The UFC is filled with a lot of great wrestlers and I think that would kill him. It’s hard to say, we’ll see if Aoki is ever brave enough to ever come over to the UFC, we’ll see.

I dunno if I’m buying the idea that Aoki’s takedowns would be stuffed because Aoki doesn’t shoot like most people do … he wades in and jumps on your back, or drops down and clings on your leg. He doesn’t give a shit about being on the bottom and that makes him very different from most of the BJJ guys in the UFC.

Past that, I’m waiting to see how he does in the welterweight tournament before deciding how he’d fare against most UFC lightweights. Since most UFC lightweights are the size of DREAM’s welterweights, that will be a good indication of how he’d hang.