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Juicy details emerge from Gray Maynard’s Xtreme Couture departure

It’s fun when dirt gets slung while fighters are switching camps. You really had to twist Josh Koscheck’s rubber arm to get him to diss AKA head Javier Mendez, but not all fighters are as forthcoming. It’s been months since Gray Maynard left Xtreme Couture, and while his explanation was decent enough, I like how this version as told by others inside the camp is way juicer, gossip wise.

“Gray just was not prepared. It was really one of those deals where a coach within his staff just would not pay attention any other coaches. He was getting really upset if any other coach tried to explain to him ‘hey, this is how hard I’m going to push Gray in my session. You need to back off in your session so he can recover,” said Trigg, a former trainer partner of Maynard’s at Xtreme Couture. “[Maynard] wasn’t prepared. It’s ultimately up to one coach that didn’t pay attention.”

John Gunderson, another former teammate of Maynard’s in Sin City, echoed the same sentiment about Maynard being less than prepped for the biggest fight of his life.”The last fight Gray wasn’t mentally prepared or physically prepared for that fight. I don’t think he trained hard enough and he knows that. I think if Gray really put the time in and the work in, Gray could finish him,” Gunderson said.

Maynard made to decision to extricate himself from the drama well before the Edgar fight took place.

“We knew six weeks before the fight,” Trigg said. “Gray said ‘look win, lose or draw, this is my last fight. I’m out of here. I gotta leave Xtreme Couture.”

Randy Couture, who was away from the gym for much of the early part of 2011, returned to find a big mess and one of his top fighters leaving. Couture cleaned house with coaches Gil Martinez and Ron Frazier moving elsewhere.

Martinez, with a boxing background, was Maynard’s main coach. Whether it was his fault or not that Maynard underachieved, it’s pretty clear that the former Michigan State wrestler was way too boxing-centric in his fights against Edgar.

Keep in mind Maynard’s version of the story included a back injury that kept him out of the main Couture gym for a large portion of the final month of training – partially because he was too hurt to train and partially because he was paranoid someone at Xtreme Couture would leak his injury to the world. That kinda explains the headspace Maynard was in moving towards the end of his time at Xtreme. The back injury might also explain why Maynard tried to box instead of wrestlef*ck as he normally does.

Anyways, you know how it is. People in MMA are like bitches in a beauty salon. Train all day, gossip all night. All day. It’s an interesting glimpse into the behind the scenes machinations that must go on all the time behind the curtain during fighter training camps. It ain’t always ‘Best Training Camp Evar!!!1’