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Judges and refs not looking too good over Brilz fight

Just how close did Yves Lavigne come to stopping Lil Nog vs Brilz? Close enough to grab Brilz, who admitted he almost let go of Nog but remembered at the last second to play it on the side of caution. You might remember Lavigne as the guy who pulled a similar “The fight’s over / no it’s not” move during Matt Brown vs Pete Sell, which resulted in a punch drunk Sell getting beaten stupid.

As for the decision that cost Brilz his $9000 win bonus, it probably doesn’t hurt so bad after Dana White declared it bullshit and awarded it Fight of the Night honors, netting Brilz and Nog 65k each. Brilz had this to say about the decision:

“I fight to see how I matchup against people,” he said. “Wins and losses aren’t a big deal to me. I thought I went out there and performed well. I gave him everything I had. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I’m not upset. Sure, I’d have liked to win. Everybody likes to win. I think I went out there and I proved to people, but more importantly I proved to myself, that I can compete with the top dogs. That’s sort of what I’ve been aiming for my whole career.”

Smart way to look at it. We all have every right to be pissed that the judges blew another obvious call on one of the biggest cards of the year, but Brilz knows that regardless of whether it says W or L next to this fight, he suddenly has a career fans give a shit about.