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Juanito Ibarra sues Tito and the blogosphere

We’d mentioned on the radio show that Juanito Ibarra was throwing cease and desist papers around like it was going out of style, targeting Tito Ortiz and a bunch of the blogs that covered Tito calling Junaito a thief. Sadly enough, we didn’t receive a notice, possibly because we’re just too small fry but I like to imagine people are starting to learn what happens when they send dumb cease and desists our way.

And boy were the Juanito cease and desists dumb. Out of all the sites I talked to, not one bothered to even respond. Since everyone was quoting Tito Ortiz and many were actually questioning whether Tito was even right or not, it was pretty stupid of Ibarra’s lawyers to try and shake everyone down. We might not be sure if Ibarra was a scammer but we do know now that he’s definitely an asshole. Try giving an interview or two next time, dopey.

As for Tito Ortiz, he could be in some trouble. TMZ reports that Juanito has taken the next step and filed an actual lawsuit against him. I have no idea how slander and libel work outside of the realm of humor, but it seems to me that calling someone a theif and laying out specific numbers as to how he ripped off Quinton Jackson might result in some legal culpability … if Tito is the one telling the lies.