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Juanito Ibarra is a sore loser

Props to Quinton Jackson for taking his loss to Forrest Griffin with class and grace. But super anti-props to Jackson’s trainer Juanito Ibarra for being a total dog’s cock, going so far as saying he was going to formally protest the decision with the NSAC. Sound familiar? Maybe if you’re a boxing fan it does. Any time there’s a close fight, you end up with a sore loser who screams and whines about a robbery and how shit is crooked. Honestly, I like it better when people like that stayed in boxing. So the least I can do is say “Junaito, shut the fuck up and stop being a vag.”

The good news coming from this ‘formal protest’ crap is that Ibarra hasn’t gotten around to doing anything about it yet. From UFCMania:

Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said Tuesday that no formal protest has been filed and that he does not expect one from Ibarra.

Kizer said, however, Ibarra did contact with complaints about the first round scoring. In that round Jackson landed some nice uppercuts, including one that seemed to hurt Griffin.

But, Kizer pointed out, giving the round to Jackson would only mean Griffin would take a majority decision and still be the new UFC light heavyweight champion — perhaps that’s the reason no formal protest has been filed at this time.

So even if the first round had been given to Rampage, Forrest still won the fight on the judges’ cards. Wacky shit, huh?