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Josh Thompson is openly gay

(above: Josh Thompson proving he’s totally not gay n stuff … or is he?)

Ah Frank Shamrock … you’re one of the biggest dicks in MMA and I love it. At the Strikeforce Playboy show, Frank was helping out with commentating duties and showed his deep knowledge of fighters by dropping the fact that Josh ‘Punk’ Thompson is “the first openly gay MMA fighter”.

The only thing better about Frank’s comments were the reactions to it. The internet was flooded with people saying “Hey, I don’t think Josh is gay”, “Yo, what the fuck, Josh isn’t gay” and “I’ve like seen Josh’s girlfriend and stuff so no way is he a fag.” Following that was everyone calling Frank Shamrock a big meanie and saying Josh Thompson would beat him up behind the swingset after school.

So Frank was slightly incorrect in his assessment of the Punk’s love for penis. But even if he was right about Josh, he wouldn’t be right about Josh being the first openly gay fighter either. We’ve already revealed that Rory Singer was the first openly gay male fighter. And oh, about 30% of the female fighters out there prefer chicks to dicks.

The thing about gay mixed martial arts is statistically there’s got to be a substantial number of homosexuals involved in grappling, wrestling, and combat fighting. There’s just no men out there at the moment who are willing to openly admit they’re gay. And I don’t blame them one bit.

Under the surface, MMA is a pretty anti-gay scene and that’s why so many people got upset over Frank’s joke. While I don’t doubt the average MMA fan or fighter is okay with the idea gay rights, I doubt they’d be as cool with the idea of a gay guy dragging them down and taking their back with jiu jitsu. Being outed as gay could mean getting tossed from your team, having a really hard time finding training partners, and lets not even get started about trying to get booked for fights. And hey, if you are booked, who knows if some homophobe drunks are gonna decide to gaybash you at the show?

So while Shamrock’s joke was obvious to anyone who’s familiar with Frank and ” target=”_blank”>Josh‘s rivalry, it was still something that pissed off a lot of people because of the possible implications for those who don’t know any better.

  • garth says:

    same with all sports really. gay athletes are basically required to stay in the closet, because other athletes go “eww, teh gross”.
    it’s kind of stupid, if you think about it.

  • Zurich says:

    If (hetero) fighters have some screwed up notion that a (homo) fighter taking their back and choking them out is somehow sexually motivated, then that’s their problem. Gay athletes are more than capable of controlling themselves – think about it, they’ve been training/sweating/shower/changing with other men for 15-20+ years. It’s gotta be completely normal to them by that point…

    Oh, isn’t Denis Kang on that list too? Or was that a “joke” too?

  • They’re all jokes. Kang was sexing some hot MMA chick who OD’ed on painkillers last year. Rory Singer isn’t gay as far as I know, although we should ask Matt Masterson if Rory tried to hump him on the ground more than any other fighters he’s fought.

  • garth says:

    does it count if a fighter’s just really, really boring to watch?
    the only other openly gay fighter i could think of is Mike Bisping.

  • Ricker says:

    How ’bout GSP? Did you see that black kid hanging all over him after he beat Kosheck? Whispering in his ear and his hand delicately resting on GSP’s shoulder… What was up with that? My friends and I were wondering what the hell was going on. The kid ripped his shirt off after the fight like he was gettin’ ready to crawl on GSP’s back for a real “cage match”.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    So was Kang’s MySpace hacked? Because there was an entry there about him being gay.

  • Yup, it was one of his friends that did that on his myspace as a joke.

    And hmmmm … GSP being gay makes a lot of sense …HMMMM

  • kentyman says:

    Today’s your lucky day!

  • Erin says:

    I don’t care if anyone makes gay jokes as long as said jokes are funny. “Hurrrrrr he’s a gay fighter” doesn’t count as funny.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    rory is not gay. but his boyfriend is

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I think coming out would give you a total advantage in a fight. If you think your opponent is afraid of having you take his back when he thinks you just want to choke him unconscious, just wait until he realizes what you might be doing to him while he’s knocked out!

  • “And hmmmm … GSP being gay makes a lot of sense …HMMMM”

    It would explain the lengthy pit stop at Greg Jackson’s..

  • Ryan says:

    fightlinker, it’s Thomson, not Thompson. FYI.


  • Daniel says:

    Rory Singer isn’t gay. He’s a easy-going guy who can take wisecracks. I take it many of you haven’t been in a gym or remember recess as a kid. Calling some faggot or gay there doesn’t mean what you think it does.

  • stephencarlsbad says:

    Until I read this article I thought that JT was the first openly gay MMA fighter. Frank, you are a (D)ick for saying that.