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Josh Neer likes to party, still fighting

Jared “$kala” Shaw has absolutely nothing to do with this story except for the fact that he is a walking mistake and Josh Neer happened to make a pretty big mistake recently. With the downfall of EliteXC, we haven’t seen much of $kala lately and I thought now was a good time to force his unsettling image upon your eyes once again.

After a few days of speculation from all of us whose lives are too boring to do any of our own drunk driving, we have an answer: Josh Neer will still be fighting Mac Danzig at UFC Fight Night 17. The folks over at have the scoop from Neer’s management team:

Josh will be fighting Mac Danzig Feb. 7 in the co-main event in Tampa as scheduled. Josh has   been training very hard for this fight and is looking forward to putting on a great fight for the UFC and fans.

I know we get a lot of readers here at Fightlinker with very conservative views, who have a high level of morals and values. For that reason I find it necessary to point out that while what Neer did wasn’t worthy of a boy scout badge, he didn’t pull a Joe Son, a Todd Beard, or a Lee Murray either.

Josh Neer got drunk and made a bad decision I’m sure many of us have made before — except he got caught. Once he got caught, he continued to make even more bad decisions, which is the effect alcohol tends to have on people. I can tell you right now: I wouldn’t have woken up next to this if it wasn’t for booze.

With Neer still in the fight after his drunken antics, it puts a nice little spin on the match-up. Danzig is a hardcore douche vegan who had no problem condemning people for their silly shenanigans during his stint on the Ultimate Fighter. Drunk driving would probably fall into the category of things Danzig doesn’t approve of. Neer, on the other hand, didn’t know when to pull his face off the bottle and subsequently got into a high speed car chase with the police, to the delight of MADD members everywhere. It’s the classic “self-righteous dipshit vs. drunken buffoon” match-up. Let’s settle it   in the Octagon.