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Josh Koscheck’s 14 UFC fights and counting

By now you probably already know that Josh Koscheck ain’t taking any time off since he got KO’d (or screwed, depending on your opinion) at UFC 95. He’ll be back at UFC 98 facing Chris Wilson in what is going to be his 15th fight for the UFC since 2005. That’s gotta be a record for most UFC fights in such a short time, but he’s nowhere near being the most prolific UFC fighter. Our friend Rami from FightMetric sent me the list of true UFC ironmen:

Tito Ortiz: 21
Chuck Liddell: 21
Matt Hughes: 20
Randy Couture: 19
Tank Abbott: 18
Evan Tanner: 17
Ken Shamrock: 15
Royce Gracie: 14
Andrei Arlovski: 14
Pedro Rizzo: 14
Rich Franklin: 14
Chris Lytle: 14
Georges St. Pierre: 14
BJ Penn: 14
Josh Koscheck: 14

Evan Tanner is amongst good company up near the top, surrounded by other UFC Hall of Fame inductees. Everyone above there (with the exception of Tank if you wanna pretend the human cockfighting days never existed) is probably going to end up in the UFC hall of fame, so why not Evan too?

That raises another interesting question: obviously the more you fight the more visibility you get and the more popular you are. But past Pedro Rizzo (borderline) and Chris Lytle (not even close), the above list is stacked with legends. Is Josh Koscheck pushing his way onto this list simply by keeping an insane schedule? Seems like a pretty good way to hack people’s perception if you ask me.