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Josh Koscheck wishes GSP the worst

You’d think someone coming back from a potentially career-ending injury would be more sympathetic towards an athlete in a similar situation, but this is Josh Koscheck we’re talking about. What’s the opposite of well-wishing? What Kos does here to Georges St Pierre:

Koscheck: Hopefully George is out for more than 10 months and they make that interim title holder fight twice.

Helwani: You’re rooting against him?

Koscheck: Yeah absolutely. Hopefully he never comes back. Basically ACL surgeries take a lot out of you. I’ve had friends who’ve had the surgery and they say they’re never the same. Hopefully it evens out the playing field and we can get another crack at Georges.

Helwani: There’s still bad blood there?

Koscheck: No. Me and George have always been cool. He’s a respectable guy outside of the cage when we’re not fighting. He’s a great person. I’m sure we would probably hang out. Well maybe not, he’d probably say no but I’d be willing to kick it with him.

“Oh yeah, we’re totally cool. I’m just praying this injury cripples him for the rest of his career. No biggie.” Nice to see a glimmer of the old Koscheck again. He’s been a generally pleasant dude leading up to this fight with Mike Pierce and it’s resulted in less attention than a bad Jacob Volkmann joke / assassination plot. Chael Sonnen has flooded the smacktalk market causing massive inflation, which means guys like Koscheck are gonna have to turn the volume up to 12 just so people can remember how much they hate the guy.

Maybe after his fight he can dish hate against Favored Superbowl Football Team and take his dickcrown back. But I’ve heard that a lot of guys never come back from the kind of whupping Kos received at the hands of Georges St Pierre. They’re just never the same again.

  • dawgbone says:

    I think he’s giving him a compliment in his own backhanded way.

    I’m not good enough to beat GSP, so I hope this injury takes something out of him so that maybe I can eventually beat him.

  • McBayne says:

    I want my star power rebate / stimulus package in the form of less GSP shit.

    i would’ve accepted less WMMA as legal tender but now I have a supercrush on rousey. boys noize threw me for a loop, get the molly hatchet out of subo’s discman and explain how digital media works and send him some so you guys can talk about something. f*&k, just anything to bicker about for some podcasts.

  • kvelertak says:

    Love the KOS, the only real troll in the UFC. Fuck Smell Sonnen.

  • G-ranical says:

    We need the video of Joe Rogan on FX with Dana White hyping the fight like a maniac with Dana cracking a smile and Goldberg commenting on it afterwards.


    Get on it.

    “You’re my boy blue”

  • G-ranical says:

    FUCK! Wrong thread. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.;

    My bad. You’re still all my boys….blue.