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Josh Koscheck wants Yves Lavigne fired

We’re all used to seeing Josh Koscheck rolling around the octagon playing up whatever foul real or imagined that’s happened to him most recently. Now he’s doing the same over some comments attributed referee Yves Lavigne where Yves allegedly criticized Koscheck’s performance against Paul Daley and praised GSP as the better fighter. Koscheck doesn’t just want to make sure Lavigne doesn’t ref any of his fights again … he wants the guy fired completely:

“UFC referee, Yves Lavigne is clearly not suited to be a referee after his rant of personal attacks and opinions on me as a fighter. It’s supposed to be his job to look at a fight unbiased, but how can anyone trust this guy to fairly referee any fight ever again after his comments? It’s scary to think this guy has been calling fights in the octagon for this long. It’s very fair to say Mr. Lavigne will never ref one of my fights again. I would never put all my hard work as a fighter or my livelihood in the hands of this ref.

The (UFC) and the commission would be irresponsible to let him continue his job- any call this guy makes would have to be questioned. You call MMA a professional sport? Well, professional starts at the top. Never would an NFL, NBA or other major sports official state there personal opinions publicly about a player and keep their job. I now question every call Yves has ever made as a referee. Hopefully no fighter ever has to step into a fight with Yves Lavigne as referee. Better get that resume ready Lavigne…..”

Meanwhile, Yves Lavigne is denying everything, saying:

1. I NEVER gave an interview to that journalist
2. I NEVER gave an interview regarding GSP vs Koscheck
3. My lawyer is taking care of this matter.

Since then, the original article with the alleged quotes has been taken down. But as far as Yves ‘NEVER’ giving an interview regarding GSP vs Koscheck, that’s not exactly true. Here he is on a Quebec radio station classifying Koscheck’s last fight as ‘boring and dull’ while defending GSP’s last boring / dull fight as ‘technical’. While the quotes aren’t the same, they still kinda end up implying the same thing.

So is this enough to affect Yves Lavigne’s status as a UFC referee regular? I certainly hope not, although he has probably given enough cause to be recused from any future GSP and Koscheck fights because of what he said. Referees need to be really careful about appearing above petty fan concerns, which makes it a not so great idea to go on radio shows and giving your personal opinion on fights and fighters. Big John McCarthy is still paying for saying stuff that was a lot more vague than that, and Yves Lavigne isn’t exactly at the top of Dana White’s ‘favorite ref’ list.