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Josh Haynes hits a new low

After suffering two brutal KOs and a decision loss to Rory Singer, it looks like TUF 3 finalist Josh Haynes has decided to move on from the fighting game and return to reality television. The show? “Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bullriding Challenge“, which is so hick I can’t say the name out loud without shouting “YEEEE-HAAAAW!” afterwards.

Josh will be joined by other washouts like Vanilla Ice (music washout), Stephen Baldwin (acting washout), and Dan Clark (better known as Nitro from American Gladiators). I’d say ‘American Gladiators washout’, but being in American Gladiators is like being washed out already so it’d be like saying ‘Washout washout’, which definitely wouldn’t fly with my English teacher.

Anyways, here’s Hayne’s writeup:

Josh Haynes
A native of Medford, Ore., Josh Haynes spent six years in the Army before eventually moving on to the world of mixed martial arts. After years of training and pursuing his dream of becoming an ultimate fighter, he quit his job as a hospital network engineer to appear on season three of The Ultimate Fighter. Over the years, he has made an impressive mixed martial arts record of 17-4 with one knockout. Haynes and his wife Jennifer have three children. Having watched his oldest son endure multiple surgeries after being diagnosed with brain cancer at birth, Haynes stays completely focused and driven to do whatever is necessary to become a success and take care of his family.

That’s the constant re-occurring theme of every bio about Josh Haynes: his oldest son is really fucked up and Josh does everything to try and help him. Man, I don’t want to keep saying this, but why not move to Canada where having brain cancer won’t cost you 2 million dollars? Then you won’t have to participate in pride-crushing TV shows like this! If the current trend continues, I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh will surface next year on the hit German Show “Baron Von Scatmausen’s Celebrities Getting Pooped On Challenge”

  • Erin says:

    Oh come on, who doesn’t want to see Vanilla Ice potentially get his head stepped on by a 1,000 lb. bull?

  • BP3 says:

    LOL….If you think taking his son to Canada would be a good move then you dont know shit about the Canadian medical system. His son would DIE waiting for treatment in Canada.