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Josh Gross vs Jeremy May

Now to play a game of “Who is more reliable”. The contestants today: Josh Gross and Jeremy May. Wait … Jeremy May? The douchebag from TUF7? Okay, so there were a lot of douches on TUF7. Let me narrow that down a bit more for you. The anti-Semite douchebag from TUF 7? Yes, that douchebag.

Steve Cofield has a post up on the Yahoo experts blog where he says the picture Josh Gross painted on Rampage a few days ago “borders on character assassination”, so he goes to Rampage’s friend Jeremy for some on the record talk. This is all done on the basis that Jeremy isn’t ‘savvy’ (read smart) enough to lie. Anyways long story short Jeremy dispels a lot of what Gross said about Rampage, so you can take what he says and weigh it on whatever scale you’re willing to give someone like May.

Silly Cofield … if he really wanted to know what was up with Rampage, why didn’t he ask Yahoo’s Dave Meltzer, probably the only guy more ‘in the know’ than Josh Gross. Perhaps Meltzer was too busy playing with his wrestling dolls?