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Josh Gross leaves Sherdog for Sports Illustrated

I’ve always found the love/hate relationship between the UFC and MMA websites to be very amusing. Dana and the gang have never had a problem proving how much they fucking hate the peanut gallery bloggo-sphere, be it by denying credentials, actively throwing people out of events, suing over website addresses, or quivering with anger while discussing anti-UFC bias.

Most MMA internet sites still try to play nice in order to suck up to the organization while secretly crying at night asking “Why doesn’t he love me? Why won’t he stop hitting me?” We here at Fightlinker have always taken the opinion that the UFC will always treat us like shit, and therefore there will never be any massaging of Dana’s testicles on this site (unless he does something massage worthy like Fedor/Randy).

But there is one site above all others that Dana White hates, and that’s Sherdog. I’m not 100% sure how this all came about since when all this was going down I was in the Peace Corps distributing food to malnourished children in Africa (or smoking a lot of weed and playing Bubble Bobble nonstop, that period of time is a bit hazy). But let me tell you what I do know: Sherdog put up a video interview with a drunken Dana White which displeased the Bald One, resulting in pulled credentials. So Sherdog fired back by releasing the finalists for the Ultimate Fighter. And that’s pretty much where the hate grew out of. Other notable volleys include Josh Gross blaming Dana for that whole steroid thing that went down over the summer, and Dana White sending “I HATE YOU” text messages to Josh Gross.

But now Gross has gone from an organization that the UFC doesn’t give a shit about to one that the UFC drools over the thought of at night: Sports Illustrated. This isn’t the first time Sherdog has managed to get in good with a major sports news outlet – they became the content providers for last year. You might hope that this might mean some healing will happen and eventually we can all sit around a campfire singing kumbaya my lord. But that’s very doubtful, since Dana White’s hatred runs deep and Josh Gross has the same “Fuck me? No fuck you!” attitude we carry around here.

  • garth says:

    should be entertaining! let’s see white challenge gross to a boxing match!

    anyone else remember that abortion of a promotional effort? white vs tito? how is dana white good for MMA?

  • godzillad says:

    It all started when Josh started badmouthing Dana, almost literally the week he got hired by Sherdog in 2004. He just completely trashed them. Dana basically told them if they don’t like the UFC they can fuck off and pulled credentials. Then they almost stopped covering the UFC, Instead of having UFC 59 as their main story they focused on the debut of the IFL. They go out of their way to put anything ahead of the UFC and say they’re just helping the sport grow by focusing on smaller things.

    Hell, I can ask Mike Coughlin to write something up about it. That guy knows it all and hates Sherdog.

  • Captain says:

    Not sure why but this got me nostalgic and thinking about Ryan Bennett. Don’t know if he and the UFC had a falling out or if they split ways for business reasons. Do remember some stories on mmaweekly when credentials started getting pulled.

    As for Gross, he’s an angrier nerdier prickier version of Richard Dreyfuss and he’ll cover whatever the fuck SI tells him to.

  • I don’t think Bennett’s creds were pulled. MMA Weekly was actually back in there with credentials at UFC 83, probably because they let the UFC use excerpts from their radio interviews for the countdown show

  • Captain says:

    Everyone’s (Sherdog, MMAWeekly, FC Fighter, etc.) credentials were pulled (at least for a while) when the shit hit the fan.

    I was wondering more if they had a falling out when Bennett stopped working the UFC broadcasts. First as announcer, then as post-fight interviewer.

  • robnashville says:

    I think the whole relationship went south when dana banned sherdog from videotaping the weigh-ins…. sherdog was credentialed at the time and would tape the weigh-ins and show them on Dana was looking to start showing these on and on espnnews and spike and decided to ban sherdog from videotaping….. sherdog got pissed, leaked the TUF results, then dana pulled all internet site access…. i think that is how it went down, iirc.

  • I think everyone will be surprised by a more professional and balanced Josh Gross on SI. Why? Because he’ll be working with a editor-in-chief and mainstream editorial will be much closer to the middle. Just read Zach Arnold’s stuff on CBS. Its much more balanced than his stuff on FO. I’m guessing that SI is hiring Gross as a reporter and not a sports columnist. If he does have his own column, God help us all.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Boo hoo, uncle Dana grounded you. I hate it when people take their personal life mainstream. If those two hate each other, then that’s alright with me. Just keep it behind closed doors because no one gives a rat’s ass. I’m not going to lose any sleep over your quarrel.

  • DannyP72 says:

    As much as you might rag on Josh Gross for some of the things that have gone down, he’s an honest journalist and wasn’t willing to compromise that for UFC coverage.

    Compare him to hacks like Kevin Iole and you’ll see he’s one of the good guys

  • ChinBo says:

    WHen I first started to really get into MMA I would spend hours on SHerdog. THat is the first site I found and I still think of it as the best for all around coverage.

    Sherdog has always been a place where PRIDE fans kinda ran shit. It seemed even in their News coverage they really wanted PRIDE to be considered the better organization. I think that showed through in a lot of their stories.

    Really though it also has to do with the fact that UFC just doesnt want that negative press. They would rather spoon-feed their stories to major media outlets. And since the internet-media has been covering MMA longer, they have the stories, the break the rumors and they have contacts in the fight world that ESPN and CBS dont have.

    The Sherdog forums were filled wiht a lot of Dana hate, and questioning UFC’s pay and their tactics of cutting fighters etc.

    Anyone else remember any other Sherdog v. UFC/Dana stories?

    So far there is …

    TUF 4
    Too much K-1 coverage over WEC
    Filming weigh-ins
    Dana v. Gross
    General Anti-UFC slant
    Sherdog and ESPN
    Dana hates all web sites (Sacramento Radio interview)

  • Asbel says:

    iirc, all internet site creds were pulled except, supposedly cuz they covered boxing too. now Gerbasi and DiSanto write for which is kinda too bad.

  • Rob Enderle says:

    Every Dana White insult starts and ends with “You used to teach aerobics, you have NO right to ever question a fighter.”

    Of couurse, calling him Vanna White would just be too childish.