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Josh Barnett talks about hard times

On Thursday afternoon Josh Barnett took his open workout as an opportunity to show off his pro wrestling skills, busting out a full wrasslin’ match with his training partner and then ‘cutting a promo’, as the industry people call them. It bundled up real life and fantasy into that wonderful ball of mindfucking that I’m sure causes lots of wrestlers to eventually lose their minds and go nuts. It was all about ‘hard times’:

“Hard times have been on Josh Barnett. Dealing with athletic commissions. Everybody’s saying, ‘You did this and you did that. You’re the problem for this.’ That’s hard times. Hard times on my family. Hard times on my friends. Hard times on me. Hard times is not being able to get a fight. Hard times is, knowing the company, waking up one day and seeing they been sold to your competitor, not knowing what you’re going to do. Where’s my contract at? Where’s my money? Where’s my security? Who says I’m going to that shot now? Having that on your mind, that’s hard times.

And then, you get this big old Brett Rogers in front of you. He thinks he knows what’s tough. He thinks he’s going to make a name off of my head, so I got to get up every morning, break of dawn. I got to get those running shoes on, hit that concrete, get those miles under my feet. My knees are aching. My body is sore. I got guys like Hammer beating on me every single day. I got my body breaking down, my mind getting pushed. Feeling the effects of fourteen years of fighting. Feeling the effects of trying to put yourself in the best position you can be in. Wake up every day having to deal with that? That’s what hard times is about.

But I’m going to tell you what, Brett Rogers. Come Saturday, the American Airlines Arena, I’m going to give you a lesson in hard times. I’m going to take all that anger and all that pain – everything that I have been through, everything my family has been through, everything my coaches have been through (Amen) – and I’m going to put that on you. I’m going to put that on you, Brett Rogers, and I’m going to show you exactly what hard times is about. Because when you get in the ring with Josh Barnett – wooooooo! – who wants to see that, brother? Not you, Brett Rogers. Not you. You don’t want to see that. You don’t want to see that.”

Barnett has to hope he wins tonight, or his hard times in MMA are going to get a whole lot harder. At least he’s keeping those pro wrestling skills honed.

(gif by Jackal Letibleu)

  • Letibleu says:

    As of right now if he loses Zuffa may be more than inclined to cut him. There are no other North American organizations that would pay him the dollar he asks for at the moment.

    As of right now he cannot be licensed in 2 major fighting states (Nevada and Cali).

    Lets not talk about Japan, we all know where that stands. No cash there for Barnett.

    A loss (to Brett the tire Rogers) will plumet his stock faster than RIM.

    This all adds to a MUST WIN situation and he knows it. That translates to Barnett taking the safest road to the victory.

    This fight after the first 3 minutes should be a bathroom break. I really hope Brett has an ace up his bis ass sleeve and proves me wrong. I would LOVE to be wrong for this fight.