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Josh Barnett takes on someone his own size (but not age/skill)

After what basically amounts to a year+ long vacation (not including pro wrestling stints and catch wrestling an otaku cat maid), Josh Barnett returns to action in March for the unfortunately named World Victory Road. His opponent? Hidehiko Yoshida.

Yes that’s right! The Yoshida who’s a gold medal judo artist. Mind you that gold medal was earned back in 1992, which was also the Olympics that marked Germany’s cold war reuinification. In other words, that was a loooong fucking time ago. In other words, Yoshida is like 38 years old. In other words, Yoshida is a stinky smelly old man who probably applies BenGay and Gold Bond as a part of his stinky smelly old man daily routine.

But a fight is a fight and I’ll take what I can get. World Victory Road has probably just put together a fight that’ll actually put Japanese asses in seats, so who am I to point out that this will be a one sided drubbing? Josh Barnett calls this fight ‘a continuation of the feud between catch wrestling and judo’. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t felt the spandex caress of a wrestling singlet against their groinal area even knows what the fuck he’s talking about. I see this more as Yoshida taking the bullet to set up the big fight and help ‘his’ new promotion. Carry on, crazy Japanese promotion. Carry on.

Also worth noting in Josh Barnett’s MySpace blog is the following:

PS. Rumor control. I have never been offered a match to fight in M-1 or against Aleksander Emelianenko. Alek’s has expressed to me personally his desire for a rematch but without a promotion to make it happen then it doesn’t matter. I don’t need to make this fight happen but I would gladly give him his rematch if it was offered to me. It’s no sweat to me to fight him.

Also, to my knowledge there was never a Roger Gracie vs. Yoshida match. We have been talking with WVR for a long time creating a contract and Yoshida was who was offered from the beginning. I don’t know who put out the rumors or why some news outlets accepted it as fact but there was never a Roger vs. Yoshida fight. Just some wishful thinking on some manager’s part perhaps.

Make a note of that people: a few more examples of why you should never believe half the shit fighters say nowadays. Or perhaps it’s more a testament to the lax fact checking going on across the MMA bloggamaspehre. Or maybe it’s the Japanese you shouldn’t trust and Josh Barnett that was kept in the dark? The Aleks E story was fishy to begin with, the Roger Gracie vs Yoshida story seemed a lot more substantial. Ah, fuck it. I’ll just keep telling you guys what I find out, and then as updates roll out I’ll tell you those too.

  • Márcio says:

    Not the ideal opponent I agree. But still is nice to see Barnett coming back to MMA after this one year hiatus. Nice to see that the UFC managed to fuck this one up as well… when Werdum is your nº1 contender there’s absolutely no need for a top 5 fighter like Barnett right? I guess we now know what those genius at the UFC think.

  • dignan says:

    Barnett still rules. I just hope we get to see the guy fight this year.

    What sucks is it seems like he is blaming promoters for the fact that certain fights didn’t happen. So are we to believe he wasn’t offered one substantial fight by any promotion all year???

  • ilostmydog says:

    Since when are they the same size either? Barnett’s probably got a good 20-25 lbs and 4 inches of height on Yoshida.

  • Well, consider it in comparison to his fight against cat maid otaku, who was like 5’9 and 170 pounds. At least Yoshida and Barnett are in the same weight class.

  • Royal "God of Puroresu" Burnell says:

    A continuation of the Santel-Kodokan rivalry!!

    Fuck Yeah!!