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Josh Barnett stuck with Pride and Babalu

Two interesting little tidbits from the very engrish Gryphon:

newcomer to Josh Barnett team

Josh said “R.Babalu will join my team I will continue training in Carifornia”

Josh-PRIDE contract

Josh said!”I can not nagotiate to other Promotion,This is decided by contract with DSE”

Renato Babalu Sobral is an interesting addition to Josh’s training team. I’m not sure if they’re saying Babalu is helping out Josh or Josh is helping out Babalu or if it’s a general both ways arrangement. Regardless, I’m happy to hear Babalu is still out and about ‘doing stuff’ after that giveaway loss to Jason Lambert.

Josh’s comment about his DSE contract keeping him from fighting in other promotions is interesting as well. There’s been lots and lots of speculation on the state and legitimacy of PRIDE fighter contracts. Some people are saying they’re not worth more than the napkin they’re written on. Dana White just keeps saying “We’re gonna get them all” like he’s some kind of retarded Pokemon hunter. News from behind the scenes is DSE is trying to force fighters to transfer their contract to the new PRIDE or sit out the remainder of their contracts. Now Josh is saying that at the very least he’s stuck in his current contract and can’t fight elsewhere.

I dunno about you, but it sounds to me like Zuffa’s got a lot of people by the balls.