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Josh Barnett needs to work on his mount

Ya know, up until tonight, I thought mount was one of the most dominating positions in MMA. But after watching Josh Barnett keeping Gilbert Yvel mounted for three rounds and struggling to put him away, I’m not so sure any more. The fight played out how everyone expected: Yvel tried to keep it on the feet, but that just ain’t gonna fly with someone like Barnett. While he looked dangerous on the feet, Yvel wasn’t able to keep it there for longer than 45 seconds. At the end of the first round Barnett had him mounted and nearly finished him off … it was something of a gift from ref Herb Dean that the fight wasn’t stopped.

The second round had barely started before Josh once again got Yvel down and mounted. But he wasn’t able to put anything together and by the end Yvel was actually throwing strikes back up that didn’t look too bad. But suffice to say, if you have mount for nearly five minutes and you can’t put someone away … that’s bad.

In the third it was deja-vu, a quick takedown and another mount. It took Barnett three minutes and the ref threatening to restart the fight before he finally kicked it up a notch and got Yvel to tap from strikes. It was pretty one sided, but still kinda worrisome that Barnett wasn’t able to pull off a nifty submission. Past a few kimura attempts he didn’t really go for anything, which is really fucking odd.

So there’s that fight in the books. Yvel played it fair and square and Barnett got his job done, albeit not in a very flashy manner.