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Josh Barnett dishes some shit

Josh Barnett updated his Myspace blog with typical Josh Barnett myspace blog stuff until the very bottom of the post where he decided to ride the drama llama for a bit:

Anthony Johnson claimed in a recent interview he got the better of me in wrestling and that this was his validation for being a great wrestler in MMA. I won’t lie and say he didn’t get a takedown or that he doesn’t have good wrestling skills because he did and he does. But he glossed over the most important part: You don’t run your mouth about what happens in practice. Punks and the weak of heart do that. He came in last while I was running the gauntlet with guys in sparring and even then 1) I took him down more than he did me 2) I suplexed him on his head 3) and tapped him out. But I wasn’t happy with my performance so I said let’s go again. Only it turned out “Rumble” didn’t want to spar but run a marathon. He threw one punch and just ran the whole time. High accomplishments indeed. I guess he’s in San Jose now but hopefully they are more accepting of him than we are at CSW; because bitches need not apply here.

Aleksander Emelianenko must have hit something mighty powerful to think I am afraid of fighting him. The only offer I ever had to fight him was the one time I did fight him…and I won. His version of asking for a rematch is doing so in a locker room after beating Bobish while I visited his brother. “Sure we can fight. Why not for free even, I mean who does this to make money right!?” He’s not an “insane” fighter. He’s just delusional.

He thinks I have been “running” from him because “I know I will lose”. He says he lost because he had a, and I am not making this up, a temperature of “98.6”. No, he doesn’t mean Celsius because his organs would have cooked off like fireworks at the kind of heat (208.6C). Go back to rapping about….fuck who cares!? Have you heard that shit!?

I was asked if I would fight him in this Affliction event and I said “In a heart beat”. Ask Tom or Todd. I will walk up to him when I see him next and let him know too. You will never beat me. I will fight you anytime and you will lose again. You can make all the excuses you want but when they’re picking up what’s left of you the proof will be for all to see…splattered all over the ring.

I’d expect we’re gonna see a lot more of Josh stirring the pot now that he’s back in the mix. The last time Josh-drama emerged was when he decided to remind everyone that he whupped Randy Couture’s ass – a feat which would have been more impressive if he hadn’t tested positive for steroids and been stripped of the UFC belt immediately afterwards. But Josh knows how the media works and the bloggamasphere works: say some mean and nasty things and people like me will spread the word every time. Hype is built, awareness is raised, and Barnett ends up on the brain of more fans.