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Jose Canseco talks MMA

Jose Canseco talks with Steve Cofield about his MMA ambitions. If you’d rather read it than watch it, Cagewriter’s got you covered. My favorite part is when he says three months of training with the Gracies should do the trick as far as getting all trained up goes. Walker did 4 months with AKA and when it came time to fight it was like watching a child play chopsticks on the piano … not a very good representation of that instrument’s depth.

Speaking of Herschel, his management is saying “No way, Jose”, but I was digging around my old RSS feed results and found this interesting tidbit on the now defunct MMA Fever from November 2007:

I caught wind of this when I was watching Inside MMA and heard Herschel Walker mention that he was transitioning into mixed martial arts along with Mr.”Juiced”, Jose Canseco. Apparently, both will take part in an MMA reality series and they would have an official MMA fight at the conclusion of the show.

I wasn’t aware they were planning to fight before. Anyone wanna bet Gary Shaw was involved?